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A chief contributor to poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is faulty or poorly maintained HVAC systems. Often overlooked, AHU drain pans are a common source of IAQ concerns. For this reason, ASHRAE 62.1 sets standards for AHU drain pan design that promote acceptable IAQ. AQUIS AHU Refurbishment significantly improves IAQ by addressing typical IAQ problems with aging AHUs.

Typical IAQ Problems In Aging AHUs

  • Improperly sloped condensate pans and floors lead to stagnant water and the formation bacteria laden biofilms.
  • Iron-rich water from rusted surfaces (like condensate pans) accelerates the growth of bacteria by a factor of 100.
  • Aging fiberglass insulation retains moisture and becomes a breeding ground for fungal and bacterial growth.
  • Improper p-trap configuration on drains cause excess standing water or the ingestion of unfiltered air through the drain.

By refurbishing your air handling units with the AQUIS CPR System and AQUIS MVS (walls and ceilings), you can ensure compliance with ASHRAE 62.1, and address common IAQ concerns.

AQUIS CPR System IAQ Attributes

  • Condensate pans may be sloped at ¼ inch per linear foot to eliminate standing water and the formation of biofilms.
  • Smooth, corrosion-free surfaces with built-in antimicrobial encourage the flow of condensate and inhibit the formation of pathogenic agents.
  • The AQUIS Concentric Trap provides a reliable means of draining condensate for otherwise undrainable condensate pans.
  • AQUIS MVS antimicrobial coating provides effectively address new and aging fiberglass insulation.

Extend The Life of Your Air Handlers

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