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Chronic Problems with Aging Air Handlers in Hospitals

It’s no secret that hospitals are some of the most expensive buildings to operate simply because they never close. As a result, the demand on utilities and mechanical systems in healthcare settings is quite significant. Air handling units are no exception, as they are responsible for ensuring the effective distribution of high volumes of air and at high ventilation rates that are required within a hospital setting, a setting which includes many critical environments.

Oftentimes older hospital buildings are still heavily dependent on older equipment that’s in a constant state of decay and disrepair. Aging air handlers are a perfect example since they are plagued with chronic problems such as leaks, corrosion and the accumulation of dead water. Effectively addressing these problems is usually problematic, and efforts to do so often result in temporary solutions with short-lived results.

From a budgetary standpoint, replacing expensive mechanical equipment such as air handlers is often a last resort. Aside from the significant expense, the disruption to business and the logistical difficulties involved when working within outdated building infrastructures usually makes replacement a less than desirable option. Healthcare facilities and engineering professionals can often relate to these issues, and are eager to find a long-term, effective and budget friendly solution that keeps them in alignment with ever-changing regulatory requirements. This is where AQUIS comes in.

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