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AQUIS, the nationwide leaders in AHU renewal, offers an innovative process for the restoration of the interior of coil tubes.   This patented technology uses a cutting-edge probiotic to remove biofilm, scale, and debris from the tube interior. The result is improved water flow and heat transfer driving a 5 to 10 percentage point improvement in overall coil capacity above Coil Restoration alone.

Tube Optimization

Features & Benefits of AQUIS Tube Restoration

Why Tube Restoration?

The Hidden Problems Inside Coil Tubes

Biofilm, scale, and debris inside poorly maintained tubes compromise coil performance by blocking heat transfer and reducing water flow. Microbial-induced corrosion (MIC) caused by biofilm within tubes limits the service life of coils.

The Process

Step 1:
Isolate coil and inject foamed probiotic into tubes at low pressure while collecting discharge.
Step 2:
Continue pushing probiotic foam through the coil to remove biofilm, scale and debris.
Step 3:
Once foam discharge emerges white, allow foamed probiotic to dwell in the tubes for a period to promote further biofilm breakdown.
Step 4:
Upon completion, flush the tubes with clean water and open the isolation valves to resume service.
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Get Proven Results with AQUIS Tube Restoration

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