Innovative Technology

The AQUIS CPR System for AHU Refurbishment is a highly durable composite coating system that incorporates an advanced nanotechnology, providing superior adhesion to metal and concrete surfaces. The following illustrations show common issues found in air handling units and how the CPR System resolves them.


Corroded piece of industrial air handling unit

Typical Aging Air Handler Floor

  • Standing Water
  • Destructive Water Leaks
  • Fungal and Bacterial Growth
  • Flammable Coatings
  • Rust and Corrosion
  • Compromised Structure


Clean industrial air handler part after HVAC maintenance

AQUIS Refurbished Air Handler

  • Pan Pitched per ASHRAE 62.1
  • Durable Watertight System
  • Active Antimicrobial Surface
  • Fully NFPA 90A Compliant
  • Substrate Sealed and Protected
  • Structure Restored

AQUIS Patented Technology

The AQUIS CPR System consists of a three-layer system:
1) an engineered epoxy, 2) an advanced fire barrier and 3) an antimicrobial waterproof topcoat. Together, this multi-layer system provides the only available solution that achieves total compliance with NFPA, ASHRAE, Joint Commission, EPA and others.


Hover over the schematic below to learn more about each layer.



Engineered Epoxy with Nanotechnology

  • Nanotechnology for superior adhesion
  • Seals substrate to stop leaks
  • Halts corrosion & restores structure



Advanced Fire Barrier

  • Ensures compliance with NFPA 90A
  • Essential for proper adhesion of multi-layer system



Waterproof Topcoat

  • Highly durable & waterproof polymer
  • Smooth hygienic surface
  • EPA registered antimicrobial

There are two versions of the CPR System: CPR-1 (shown in schematic above) is installed at a slope for the removal of standing water in drain pans, while CPR-SL is self-leveled and used in drain pans and all floors throughout the air handler.


View detailed specifications about AQUIS refurbishment products and services.

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