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The AQUIS CPR System for AHU Refurbishment is the ONLY solution of its kind that delivers true compliance with all regulatory standards, including NFPA, ASHRAE, The Joint Commission, EPA and others. Outlined below are fire code compliance requirements specific to air handling units per NFPA 90A, as well as indoor air quality (IAQ) compliance requirements per ASHRAE 62.1.

NFPA 90A Compliance Requirements

NFPA 90A Overview

Fire Test Comparisons

AQUIS vs. 2-Part Epoxy

AQUIS vs. FR 2-Part Epoxy

AQUIS vs. 2-Part Urethane

ASHRAE 62.1 Compliance Requirements

ASHRAE 62.1 Overview


View detailed specifications on how AQUIS meets or exceeds regulatory compliance.

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