Coil Restoration Process

AQUIS Coil Restoration is a specialized process performed only by highly trained AQUIS technicians. The process utilizes an environmentally friendly probiotic technology in combination with super-heated water to clean coils at a microscopic level, including the elimination of biofilms.


Coil restorations are completed in just 4-8 hours, depending on AHU size.
Eco-friendly probiotic products are classified as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) as a food additive.
Probiotic agent is non-corrosive to metal coils.
Sanitization process uses super-heated water at 280°F and 1500 psi.
System is powered by HD-5 propane and complies with OSHA emission requirements for indoor use.
Process is virtually odorless and is free of VOCs.

Process Overview

Step 1: Apply eco-friendly probiotic foaming agent that penetrates deep within coils, causing biofilms to release from fin surfaces.

Step 2: Sanitize with super-heated water that penetrates deep within coils and strips stubborn biofilms while preserving the delicate coil matrix.

Step 3: Steps 1 & 2 are repeated on both coil faces until steam passes through, unobstructed across the entire coil face.

Step 4: Coils are re-treated thoroughly with a probiotic post-treatment application to provide residual biofilm blocking.

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