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AQUIS Coil Restoration

AQUIS Coil Restoration combines a high-performance sanitization process with an innovative probiotic technology in order to detach and eliminate biofilms from deep within coils. The result is coils that are cleaned at a microscopic level, driving increased operational efficiency, extended coil service life and improved indoor air quality.

HVAC technician performing coil cleaning an coil restoration on corroding industrial air handling unit

Benefits of AQUIS Coil Restoration

The Process

Innovative Process Strips Biofilm from Coils

AQUIS Coil Restoration is a specialized process performed only by highly trained AQUIS technicians. The process utilizes an environmentally friendly probiotic technology combined with super-heated water to clean coils at a microscopic level, including eliminating biofilms. 

Step 1:
Apply eco-friendly probiotic foaming agent that penetrates deep within coils, causing biofilms to release from fin surfaces.
Step 2:
Sanitize with super-heated water that penetrates deep within coils and strips stubborn biofilms without damaging coil fins.
Step 3:
Steps 1 & 2 are repeated on both upstream and downstream sides of the coil until steam passes unobstructed through the coil.
Step 4:
Coils are re-treated thoroughly with a probiotic post-treatment application to provide residual biofilm blocking.

Process Attributes

How It Works

The AQUIS Coil Restoration process is designed to restore coil performance through the elimination of biofilm buildup within and throughout the coil matrix. The resilient nature of biofilms makes them very difficult to remove, and only through the combination of chemistryheat, and pressure can biofilm-contaminated coils be comprehensively restored.

AQUIS Coil Restoration Trifecta

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Eco-friendly probiotics produce enzyme-containing biosurfactants which attack and dismantle biofilm.



Steam at 280°F emulsifies and loosens stubborn biofilm throughout coils.



1000 psi water penetrates deep within coils to detach and remove biofilm completely.

Venn diagram showing heat, chemistry, and pressure as essential parts of AQUIS' coil restoration process


AQUIS Coil Restoration combines heat, pressure and probiotics to provide the most effective coil restoring process available.

Comparison to Traditional

Traditional coil cleaning processes fail to effectively remove biofilms deep within the coil, providing only marginal improvements in coil efficiency and indoor air quality. AQUIS Coil Restoration disrupts the status-quo by combining an eco-friendly probiotic with a high-performance sanitization process to restore lost system capacity and improve coil performance.

Traditional Coil Cleaning

AQUIS Coil Restoration

* Designates “Generally Recognized as Safe” as a food additive by the FDA.

Get Proven Results with AQUIS Coil Restoration

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