Eliminates Biofilms

Responsible for 70% of all heat transfer, cooling coil fins are designed for maximum surface area. With 8 to 10 fins per inch, a standard 20,000 CFM coil has a staggering 9,600 SF of surface on its fins. This is ideal for heat transfer, but it creates an enormous breeding ground for unwanted biofilms.
What are biofilms?
Complex communities of microbes, including bacteria, pathogens and fungi, that can grow on any surface and survive for extended periods of time
Protected by a strong tacky biopolymer called the EPS, biofilms are highly resistant to conventional cleaning chemicals
The source of many IAQ issues including odors, irritants and the spread of airborne pathogens and viruses
Biofilms grow freely on cooling coil fin surfaces, blocking heat transfer, impeding airflow and ultimately reducing coil performance

Electron micrograph depicting
large numbers of staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

AQUIS Coil Restoration combines a high-performance sanitization process with an innovative probiotic technology in order to detach and eliminate biofilms from deep within coils and prevent their regeneration. The result is improved indoor air quality and the elimination of a major source of pathogenic growth.

Get Proven Results with AQUIS Coil Restoration

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