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The First Real-Time Monitoring System For AHU Coils

Introducing SmartCoil — the data-centered solution that provides insight into the actual performance of AHU coils. SmartCoil provides valuable insight into coil fouling level, coil capacity, energy consumption and more.

Why Monitor Coils?

Fouled coils can jeopardize your entire system. Until now, there has been no effective way to quantify coil health. Existing methods are either inaccurate, incomplete or both. Infrequent coil cleaning results in increased energy consumption while cleaning too frequently results in increased maintenance costs and downtime. These challenges can be effectively resolved with SmartCoil.

How It Works

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Real-Time Fouling

SmartCoil provides an accurate quantification of the fouling level and determines the ideal service schedule for your coils.

Performance Analytics

SmartCoil provides detailed insight into your AHU coil performance with real-time metrics including Coil Capacity and Energy Consumption.

Predictive Maintenance

SmartCoil uses predictive analytics to determine future coil performance in areas such as peak load analysis and coil lifecycle.

Smart Cost Savings

The SmartCoil machine learning algorithm provides you with the insight to minimize overall operating and maintenance costs for your coils.

Learn more about the development of SmartCoil by Sensible here: Sensible (

Key Attributes

Dashboard accessible via internet or BMS systems

Strategically placed SmartCoil sensors

Cloud-based machine learning algorithm

Data transfer via integrated broadband modem

Preventative alerts and periodic reports on coil

Track the financial impact of system changes

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