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Evaluating Virus Containment Efficiency of Air-Handling Systems

This week, ASHRAE Journal released a new peer-reviewed Technical Feature article entitled “Evaluating Virus Containment Efficiency of Air-Handling Systems“.

The relevance of this article to our longstanding mission here at AQUIS cannot be understated.

As the article states, higher-rated MERV filtration can certainly help mitigate risks associated with airborne contaminants. However, this approach cannot stand alone in preventing AHU-related viral transmission. Other solutions – such as AQUIS – should be considered.

Assessing and addressing the interior conditions of your building’s air handling units and cooling coils is of paramount importance today, more than ever.

For 15 years AQUIS has been a leader in the air handler industry. We have addressed thousands of air handlers nationwide and in many highly critical environments, building on an already impressive customer list.

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