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Energy Conservation Measures

AQUIS Optimization Solutions deliver quantifiable energy savings by increasing the operational efficiency of your air handling units. AQUIS Optimization Solutions are a recognized energy conservation measure (ECM) and can help with your decarbonization goals. AQUIS Optimization paves the way for a significant reduction in energy consumption from your building’s air handling units.

“I’ve worked with AQUIS in successfully restoring hundreds of air handlers. Their restoration processes have been a key ECM for our large government projects.”

— Tom M., AQUIS ESCO Partner

Reduce Fan Energy by Increasing Airflow
Reduce System Energy by Increasing Coil Effectiveness


AQUIS Optimization Solutions has a proven track record of results. The following table represents average results from energy studies conducted on over 20 AHUs nationwide. We have helped our customers achieve ASHRAE recommended air changes per hour (ACH) and indoor air quality (IAQ) standards. The energy savings achieved accounted for around 47 metric tonnes of CO2 offset per year per AHU. AQUIS removed approximately 100% of the biological load from all the coil and tube surfaces based on ATP surface testing.

Quantified Optimization Results


Howard University


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