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Self-Care Summer – Revitalizing Your AHU

Published: 07/21/2023

Rather than shutting down your operations when your overworked air handlers take a surprise sabbatical, give those AHUs new life with some self-care this summer.

Those leaks you’re seeing may not be the summer rains. Air handling units degrade over time, with various factors affecting service life; water leaks, corrosion, carry-over, and standing water. AHUs can rust and cause damaging water leaks into your facility. Standing water creates a bustling day spa for micro-organisms causing indoor air quality issues and contributing to the further corrosion of the unit.

Replacing AHUs can be costly and time-consuming. Why not refurbish the AHU at a fraction of the cost with minimal downtime?

AQUIS provides a custom-engineered solution that extends the life of the air handler by halting damaging water leaks, restoring structural integrity, and eliminating standing water. AQUIS refurbishment requires minimal downtime, contains no VOC and no detectable odors, and is the ONLY patented solution compliant with all regulatory standards, including NFPA 90A and ASHRAE 62.1.

With AQUIS refurbishment, your AHU will keep its cool this summer. If you can’t take the heat, call AQUIS to refurbish your air handlers instead!



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