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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and HVAC system hygiene have received more attention these past months than in recent memory. Today, their importance cannot be understated.

Evolving environmental research and ASHRAE findings suggest poor IAQ amplifies the effects of airborne viruses, making the search for trusted, viable solutions all the more important. For example, fouled air handling units and cooling coils are often the rule rather than the exception in larger buildings. They not only harbor pathogens and are prime contributors to poor indoor air quality, but heavily impacted cooling coils reduce system performance and drive up energy bills.

Does your team have a strategy in place to address these issues?

Complex problems need innovative solutions like AQUIS. Comprehensive air handler renewal is our niche, and we are the nationwide experts, offering innovative solutions that restore hygienic and operational integrity to commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

Refurbish & Optimize | Extend the Life of Your Air Handlers

Cleaner air, optimized system performance, and extended service life of mechanical equipment are just a few reasons why America’s largest and most prestigious organizations rely on AQUIS. In fact, throughout the pandemic AQUIS has been called upon to work in some of the most active and critical environments – our  hospitals. Why? Our areas of expertise are second to none, and our health and safety record, flawless.

If your facility could benefit from our solutions, we’d like to help. Click on the “Contact” button at the top of the page to get started.

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