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Sweater Weather? Not for Cooling Coils.

Seasons Change, Check On Your Cooling Coils.

Fall is that in-between time of year when days variably change from warm to cool. Some fondly refer to it as “sweater weather”, which may go hand-in-hand with football and apple picking, but not with the efficient operation of HVAC system cooling coils.

Have you inspected your coils lately? Surprisingly, many buildings across the U.S. have air handling units (AHU) with cooling coil fins that are dressed in layers of dust, dirt, and debris, contaminated with biofilms containing bacteria, pathogens and fungi.

If fouled coils are not addressed, the problem only compounds. In fact, coil fouling impedes airflow, reduces system capacity, and further hinders overall system performance. The ripple effect is that supporting equipment within the HVAC system must work even harder to compensate.

According to the NADCA’s White Paper entitled “Restoring Energy Efficiency Through HVAC Air Distribution System Cleaning”, coil cleaning is an essential part of HVAC maintenance that “can have a significant, sometimes dramatic, positive impact on energy efficiency”. However, coil maintenance is frequently overlooked and rarely prioritized. Perhaps this is because Facilities teams are already spread too thin, or there’s a lack of properly trained and qualified staff to perform the work. Or maybe enough consideration hasn’t been given to the impact suffocating coils has on HVAC system performance.

AQUIS Coil Restoration takes coil cleaning to the next level, leaving coils better than clean and optimized for peak performance. Coil Restoration drives energy savings through increased system capacity, significantly improving heat transfer and air flow throughout the coils.

What can AQUIS do for you? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary AHU and coil assessment.

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