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Unnecessary Roughness Inside Your AHUs?

Is your Facilities Maintenance team ready to tackle cooling season for 2018?  Superbowl season is upon us, but cooling season isn’t too far behind. With the variety of improvement projects you have planned for this year, it’s probably safe to say that emergencies with leaking, old air handling units during peak cooling season aren’t part of the game plan.

If your building’s air handling units are exhibiting signs of decay like in the picture above, now is the time to put AQUIS on defense and make us a part of your AHU containment strategy. Why? Because we are the nationwide leaders in air handler refurbishment, offering the only available solution of its kind that delivers full compliance with ASHRAE 62.1, NFPA 90A, The Joint Commission, and others.

Since 2005, AQUIS has restored thousands of air handling units in top hospitals, universities, government buildings, and commercial/industrial facilities throughout the U.S. The patented AQUIS System restores structural integrity to air handler casings, condensate pans and chamber floors to like-new condition, extending AHU service life by 10+ years and at a fraction of the cost of AHU replacement.

Benefits of the AQUIS System:

  • Extends AHU service life by 10+ years
  • Halts corrosion of surfaces
  • Stops damaging water leaks
  • Eliminates standing dead water
  • Restores structural integrity of AHU casings, pans and floors
  • Full compliance with ASHRAE 62.1, NFPA 90A and The Joint Commission
  • Zero VOCs and no detectable odors during or after installation
  • Minimal downtime and expert installations
  • No disruption to daily operations

If it’s time to call an audible on your air handlers, it’s time to call AQUIS.

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