Comparison to Traditional

Traditional coil cleaning processes fail to effectively remove biofilms deep within the coil, providing only marginal improvements in coil efficiency and indoor air quality. AQUIS Coil Restoration disrupts the status-quo by combining an eco-friendly probiotic with a high-performance sanitization process to restore cooling coils to like-new performance.

Traditional Coil Cleaning

  • Pressure washers and steam cleaners fail to penetrate and clean deep within coils
  • Utilizes environmentally toxic chemicals that have strong odors and contain VOCs
  • Chemicals are often corrosive to metal coils limited coil life
  • Incapable of removing stubborn biofilms from coil fins

AQUIS Coil Restoration

  • Super-heated water penetrates and sanitizes deep within the coils
  • Utilizes an eco-friendly probiotic technology (GRAS*) that is odorless and free of VOCs
  • Probiotic agent is non-corrosive to metal coils
  • Loosens and removes stubborn biofilms leaving coils clean at a microscopic level

* Designates “Generally Recognized as Safe” as a food additive by the FDA.

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