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doun-tahym     (noun)

 1: an interval during which a machine is not productive, as during repair, malfunction, maintenance.

The Cost of Being Reactive vs. Proactive

According to Plant Engineering’s 2018 Maintenance Study, 44% of respondents cited aging equipment as the leading cause of unscheduled downtime.

The predominant run-to-failure approach with equipment has led to unnecessary amounts of reactive maintenance calls that cost businesses more time and money in the long run.  There’s a lot to be said for being proactive and taking inventory of where major problems lie within a building, and more specifically within your air handling units.

If maintenance is needed in your facility’s air handling units, and if the associated downtime to repair or replace them is of primary concern, perhaps now is a good time to have AQUIS conduct an assessment – especially if your facility’s AHUs look anything like this:

Is Newer Always Better?

Evaluation of your aging equipment will inevitably lead to the discussion of equipment replacement, but is newer always better? Once you get past the significant capital investment, you’ll need to consider other critical factors, such as downtime. In fact, the replacement of a single air handling unit might require as much as 4 to 6 weeks of downtime – a virtual eternity for facilities professionals dealing with operation-critical equipment. For this reason, many facilities professionals have turned to AQUIS to help answer this question.


Whether your facility is a hospital, university, laboratory, manufacturing plant, or a commercial office building, having a preventive maintenance strategy in place that minimizes unplanned downtime cannot be overstated. The same goes for having trusted solution provider’s on-hand, such as AQUIS, who are accustomed to working within tight time-frames where downtime is of pivotal concern. In fact, it is the default discipline of AQUIS’ expert installation teams to accommodate customer needs and downtime concerns by employing needed flexibility.

Time and time again, AQUIS customers commend our field installation teams for working much like phantoms in the night – virtually unseen and unheard by building occupants, yet working expediently to restore aging air handling units to like-new condition in just a matter of hours:

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