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Not the summer pool party you had in mind?

The dog days of summer are here.  It’s August at a major metropolitan hospital which still has over a dozen 30 year old air handling units in operation, all running at full tilt due to the blistering heat and humidity.  With Murphy’s Law at work, one of these older air handlers begins leaking water into an operating room.  Panic quickly sets in, and a chicken fight among Facilities team members ensues.  Immediate action needs to be taken to define the scope of and abate the problem, resulting in an Operations & Maintenance style version of Marco Polo for a problem that was inevitable, given the age and condition of the air handlers.  Because of the size and location of the leaking air handler, and the precarious areas it serves, replacement will be extremely costly and the downtime will be lengthy.  This scenario creates a number of logistical complications in other areas, yet it is the number one emergency call we receive each summer here at AQUIS.

Use Your Noodle – Call AQUIS

Whether your facility is a hospital, university, laboratory, manufacturing plant, or a commercial building, if your air handling units look anything like these, it’s time to call AQUIS.

AQUIS offers the only permanent, long-term solution for restoring air handler casings, floors and condensate pans to like-new condition, allowing for 10+ years of added service life to otherwise well-functioning air handlers.  For a fraction of the cost of replacement, the AQUIS team of expert installers will have your air handlers looking like new in just a matter of hours, and without disruption to your facility’s daily operations.

In addition, the AQUIS system is the only solution of its kind that’s patented and fully compliant with all regulatory standards, including NFPA 90A, ASHRAE 62.1, and The Joint Commission, and contains zero VOCs and no detectable odors.

Situations like the one mentioned above can be avoided – don’t wait for an emergency.  AQUIS can conduct a risk assessment of your air handlers, free of charge, and help you formulate a preventive action plan.  To arrange your risk assessment, click here and one of our representatives will contact you.


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