How It Works

The coil restoration process is designed to restore coil performance through the elimination of biofilm buildup within and throughout the coil matrix. The resilient nature of biofilms make them very difficult to remove, and only through the combination of chemistry, heat and pressure can biofilm-contaminated coils be comprehensively restored.

Aquis coil restoration trifecta

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chemistry Heat pressure all

AQUIS Coil Restoration Tifecta

Eco-friendly probiotics produce enzyme-containing biosurfactants which attack and dismantle biofilm.
Superheated pressurized water at 280°F emulsifies and loosens the stubborn biofilm.
1500 psi water at 210°F penetrates deep within coils to detach and remove biofilm completely.
Chemistry + Heat + Pressure
AQUIS coil restoration combines all three solutions—probiotic, heat and pressure to effectively restore coils.
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