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Aquis coil restoration and coil cleaning removes biofilms and improves indoor air quality (IAQ)

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AQUIS has expanded its service offerings! In addition to AHU Refurbishment, AQUIS now offers AHU Optimization through Coil Restoration. Click HERE to Learn More About AHU Optimization
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Indoor Air…Quandary?

The pros and cons of increased reliance on building HVAC systems Eight years ago the U.S. Department of Energy implemented the “Better Buildings Challenge”, an initiative intended to improve the efficiency of U.S. buildings by…
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downtime  doun-tahym     (noun)  1: an interval during which a machine is not productive, as during repair, malfunction, maintenance. The Cost of Being Reactive vs. Proactive According to Plant Engineering’s 2018 Maintenance Study, 44% of…
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AHU Leaks: Avoid Summer Mayday Calls

As the hot summer months quickly approach, cooling systems will soon be operating at full capacity, putting mechanical equipment to the test. For facilities teams with older buildings and mechanical systems, this can instill a…

Unnecessary Roughness Inside Your AHUs?

Is your Facilities Maintenance team ready to tackle cooling season for 2018?  Superbowl season is upon us, but cooling season isn’t too far behind. With the variety of improvement projects you have planned for this…
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AHU Condensate Pans and the Petri Dish Effect

We’ve all seen the national headlines concerning the outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease in New York City, resulting in 12 deaths and sickening over 100 people to-date as a result of poorly maintained mechanical systems. Could…
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