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Self-Care Summer – Revitalizing Your AHU

Published: 07/21/2023 Rather than shutting down your operations when your overworked air handlers take a surprise sabbatical, give those AHUs new life with some self-care this summer. Those leaks you’re seeing may not be the…

Video Case Studies

AQUIS has released two new video case studies illustrating the many benefits of Coil Restoration. One is a healthcare case study, and the other is an industrial manufacturing facility. Both videos can be seen here.…

Headed to ASHE in Nashville?

AQUIS will be exhibiting in Booth #1008 at this year’s 2021 ASHE Annual Conference taking place next week, August 8th – 11th, at Music City Center in downtown Nashville.  If you’re planning to attend, please stop by…

Are your AHUs Ready for Full Reopening?

Those who own and manage buildings are looking for ways to safely balance occupancy, energy, and health as America gets back to business as usual. With the recent significant changes to most local and state…
Refurbish, optimize, and extend the life of air handlers

Solutions for Fouled Air Handlers

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and HVAC system hygiene have received more attention these past months than in recent memory. Today, their importance cannot be understated. Evolving environmental research and ASHRAE findings suggest poor IAQ amplifies the effects of…
Air handlers: prime amplification site of harmful microbial growth in buildings

AHUs Help Amplify Microbial Growth

AQUIS introduces the first of its new line of IAQ Series brochures intended to educate facilities teams on the hidden sources of microbial growth in AHU’s, and their negative impact on indoor air quality. Ensuring…
Aquis coil restoration and coil cleaning removes biofilms and improves indoor air quality (IAQ)

Have you heard the news about AQUIS?

AQUIS has expanded its service offerings! In addition to AHU Refurbishment, AQUIS now offers AHU Optimization through Coil Restoration. Click HERE to Learn More About AHU Optimization
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